Buttocks Lift

The butt lift is a relatively new procedure. The buttocks lift can be performed as a solo procedure or as part of the total body lift. The procedure improves the contour of the buttock and makes it ‘perkier’.

How It Works
1)Removing excess skin and tightening the skin above the upper part of the buttocks will lift the buttocks.
2)The butt can also be lifted with fat injections or implants. The fat injection procedure is also referred to as the Brazilian butt lift. In addition to more volume and prominence, the fat injections give the butt more projection or lift. For more information on this butt augmentation technique please see our brazilian butt lift procedure section.
Butt Lift vs. Brazilian Butt Lift

If the buttocks are very large, the patient may first benefit instead from liposuction to reduce the overall size of the buttock. If, on the contrary, you want larger buttocks with more projection, you might be better served with a butt implant or fat injection to the buttocks. Implants or fat injections will fill out the butt and lift the buttocks. Fat injections to the butt are also known as the Brazilian butt lift.
However, if your buttocks are sagging, but you do not want an augmentation, the butt is lifted by removing tissue and tightening the skin. If the sag is minimal, a ‘butt wedge’ excision might be indicated. The tissue is excised at the buttock crease. This leaves a relatively unnoticeable scar at the buttock crease. This butt lift technique cuts out tissue at the junction of the lower back and buttock. This allows for a true elevation of the buttock tissues and a reshaping of the entire butt. In combination with liposuction of the hips or thighs, it can result in a dramatic reshaping of the entire backside..